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What is the Value of ADP® iHCM 2 for CHROs?

Digital technology, business model changes and globalisation are re-shaping your workplace at an ever-increasing pace. Accompanying these changes, we are seeing the role of HR shift from a side-lined administrative function to an essential business partner driving overall business strategy. Your HR department, by aligning more closely to other departments, is being called upon to adopt a more data-based, strategic approach to talent management. In this new, highly digitalised and globalised competitive landscape, the need to attract, retain and engage the best talent is paramount.


What is the Value of ADP® iHCM 2 for CEOs?

Your number one priority is your overall business strategy; to grow, to stay competitive and transformational. You must anticipate your future business needs in an ever-increasingly competitive and globalised marketplace, while digital technology and business model changes continue to reshape your company’s daily operations. Your workforce too, is becoming more diverse and flexible, with rapidly evolving career expectations, a multitude of skills, and a growing number of development demands.


What is the Value of ADP® iHCM 2 for CFOs?

Human Resources and Finance departments have traditionally remained relatively independent of one another. However, as HR is being increasingly recognised as a key player in achieving productivity, efficiency and engagement goals, companies are realising the need to bridge such gaps. With the role of HR moving more towards a data-based, strategic approach to talent management, as a CFO you are increasingly aware of the need to align Finance and HR’s objectives more closely, and to foster a more interactive and dynamic relationship. With the shifting role of HR, from a side-lined administrative function to an essential business partner driving your business strategy, the need arises for an efficient, cost-effective, all-in-one HCM solution.


What is the Value of ADP® iHCM 2 for CIOs?

As an IT Director your main goal is to ensure your organisation’s technology is perfectly aligned with, and reinforces, your business strategy, providing your workforce with the tools they need to contribute to your organisation’s successful growth. The right technology can help you accelerate productivity and efficiency, while at the same time delivering security.

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