ADP Whitepapers

Get your insights and expand your knowledge with trends in HR and payroll compiled from surveys and interviews.



Myths We Must Debunk about Leadership Development in Asia

Explore how you can develop future-fluent Asia leaders at this critical time with insights from CCL's latest study and webinar series, in partnership with ADP.



Workforce View 2020 Global Research

Must-read global opinion on the world of work



Growing pains: The HR challenges of international expansion

In this Economist Intelligence Unit report sponsored by ADP, learn how HR and business leaders can move forward with confidence amidst the evolving nature of international business.



Payroll Unplugged: From On-Premise to Cloud

More companies than ever are now moving payroll solutions into the cloud. Learn how this gives you easier, smarter and better payroll management.



The Future of Pay

Discover how pay will change within the next 10 years and its implications for your pay strategy in this new study by ADP Research Institute.



MIT Technology Review - Asia's AI Agenda

Asia’s AI agenda is an MIT Technology Review Insights research program sponsored by ADP, IMDA, Genesys, Splunk, and the Asia School of Business. It is designed to comprehensively examine the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in Asia Pacific.



Imagining Asia 2030: Future Fluent Asian Leader

To better understand Asia’s future, The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) research team curated a diverse panel of 40 leading thinkers to gather their inputs on the theme, trying to drive a consensus on what the future in Asia may look like and how “new Asia” will impact community, businesses, and leaders.



Asia’s AI agenda: The ecosystem

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quite possibly the theme of 2018. The projections for how these new big data, machine learning (ML), and automation capabilities will transform cities, companies, and societies are startling. Policymakers and business leaders around the world need to plan for a future where AI is a core competency.



MIT report

MIT report reveals how countries in Asia are speeding up global artificial intelligence adoption. Get rich insights about the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and robotics in Asia.



The Evolution of Work - The Changing Nature of the Global Workplace

The workplace is evolving faster than ever before. Employers will need to be aware of – and manage – five overarching trends in order to lead and grow in the future, regardless of geography or industry.


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