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In the last 5 years, organizations across APAC have paid penalties of upto 1.24 Million USD for being non-compliant in payroll.

In a fast growing economic region like APAC, businesses are expanding their geographical presence and employee headcount faster than ever before. To ensure a smooth run at the business, it’s necessary for organizations to have an effective payroll strategy.

In this whitepaper, we have added several findings from the joint research project by Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and ADP which will give you a regional view of challenges and solutions.


Questions like:

  • Should we go with a local vendor or should we consolidate and go with a single vendor approach are very common and also often overlooked amidst other priorities?
  • Did you know that as you increase the number of vendors in managing your regional payroll, it increases the risk of being non-compliant by as high as 3.5 times?


Download the free whitepaper by filling the form. You will also receive an infographic which we have designed.

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