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ADP GlobalView

ADP GlobalView - HCM management services

ADP GlobalView is a suite of payroll and human capital management services provided by a single vendor

Ideal for international organisations of 2,500 plus employees, it is a flexible solution that provides integrated local, regional or country expertise, as per your business requirements.

GlobalView is the ultimate multi-lingual and multi-currency service that allows you to manage your staff, costs and business decisions easily from one platform, in full compliance of complex international legislations.

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ADP GlobalView - HCM management services

What are the benefits of using ADP GlobalView?

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How does GlobalView work?

Essentially, it is a partnership between your business and ADP's in-country experts. We will implement a service that meets your specific payroll and human resources management requirements through our knowledge and innovative technology.

GlobalView's flexibility allows you to choose the service that your business needs, be it payroll processing, managed payroll or fully outsourced services. It can also incorporate other ADP solutions to then provide a web-hosted software-as-a-service HR system, employee/ manager self-service portal or time and labour management tools.

Anything else I need to know about ADP GlobalView?

You'll also have access to GlobalHRStudio, a comprehensive library of information, from HR best practice to the latest international business news - all of which should help you better formulate policies, procedures and strategies pertaining to your people.

ADP GlobalView makes international human capital management simple.

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